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My Playground

All kinds of web related stuff that I've been recently fooling around with …

Fluid Layouts: 3 equal heights columns

A modern approach to 3 equal heights columns layout using CSS only and HTML5 structural tags as class names

A simple but somewhat different crossbrowser 3-column layout with equal heights, header and footer.

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My YouTube Video Wall

Web 2.0 without the use of javascript for your Video Playlists

This is just a case study of how to display your YouTube Playlists in an appealing way without the neccessity of having javascript activated. Everything is handled by PHP on the server-side and is styled with some CSS, causing one major drawback – The server load! (Just be patient &hellip)

Perhaps Google App Engine and 24ways' great article Using Google App Engine as Your Own Content Delivery Network could help solving that issue …

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My Podcast

Kind of mimicing a Huffduffer Podcast

Another no javascript, PHP and CSS only (except Flash for the player) case study. This time I've created my own personal Podcast from my own personal Podcast at Huffduffer.

Doh? Well, that's just me. Guess I'm just not really too much into podcasting (Perhaps that will change …), but since I'm always interested in what Jeremy Keith is up to, I signed up to his service Huffduffer in order to get one minimalistic but very user friendly spot to give podcasting a chance.

I did this, mainly to mimic their user interface for the cause of being able to integrate it into my own websites, while enhancing it with a simple availability check, which again makes it slow down quite a bit and also turns out not to be very reliable … (I might just remove it.)

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My CSS-PHP-Countdown

A randomly styled PHP Countdown

A while back, someone in the TalkPHP community asked how he could achieve saving to database after few seconds. My reply back then suggested he'd use a combination of the PHP functions ob_implicit_flush and sleep. I believe he went for a javascript solution instead …

Now, a couple of weeks later, I've played around with that idea and wound up creating what I would describe as Randomly styled PHP Countdown.

Though the underlying intention behind this script is rather playful, it could actually be usefull when i.e. you want to display an accessible download-link after some (queue-) time has passed.

Visit my CSS-PHP-Countdown

How do you say Sidisinsane?
/ˈsɪt.ɪ.zən.seɪn/ [According to IPA]
What does it mean?
  1. Sid is insane.
  2. Citizen Sane. A reference to the movie Citizen Kane.
  3. Sane citizen.

This is the end.

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